JCart : Iteration-1

Now that we have completed the most difficult part (writing Introduction to technical article series is much harder than you think!!), so let’s start the fun part. Coding!!!

Note: It is going to be a fast paced tutorial. Obviously we can’t cover every little bit of all the technologies used in our application. So I would suggest to explore more on individual technologies like Spring, Thymeleaf on your own.

I would strongly suggest to checkout the code from https://github.com/sivaprasadreddy/jcart.git if you want to see the complete code as we are going to trim the code snippets for brevity.

We will start with Iteration-1 UseCases implementation, progressively building the JCart application.

As part of Iteration-1, we will be implementing the following UseCases:


6 thoughts on “JCart : Iteration-1

  1. Hi Siva,

    This is very nice tutorial. Thanks for writing this. Can you please help me with deploying the jcart project on tomcat server?

    1. Hi Harsh,
      It is a SpringBoot project using Embedded tomcat, so you don’t need to deploy the app on tomcat server. You can simply run the jar file using java -jar command.

      1. Hi Siva,

        Sorry for not being clear earlier. Yes I can run this using java -jar but is it possible to convert this into a war packages and deploy them on actual servers like tomcat or jboss?
        Again thanks for your help 🙂

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