JSF can be used for several purposes.

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Recently I got a wonderful opportunity to work with JSF and I couldn’t stop myself sharing my feelings on JSF with everyone.
By god’s grace till last month i didn’t a chance to work on JSF in my career. But recently i have to work on a project developed in JSF 1.x.

After spending few days on JSF technology I realized that JSF is not only a web framework and we can use it for several purposes.

Below is just a small list:

1. To test the patience and mental strength of a developer.
2. If you are a team lead/manager and you want to take revenge on a team member you can allot him to work on a JSF project.
3. If your client is not satisfied with your company services and ending the relationship with the organization and you are working on the last project for that client. You can use JSF for that project and deliver a useless, unmaintainable junk and waste a lot of clients money in terms of billing.
4. If anybody wants to move out of java or entirely from IT and is postponing that decision then allot him to work on a JSF project. He will move to new career with in 1 week.
5. In future if we want to show how to write stateful component oriented junk we can keep some JSF projects and show them for reference.

I know there are some JSF fans across the world and they might scold me for this post.
If you want to shout at me please shout at me in Error 500: “{2}” Conversion Error setting value ”{0}” for ”{1}” format because this is what JSF barks for whatever wrong thing happens in this world.

GOD, Save the java community from JSF.

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  1. I guess you would or rather SHOULD visit/revisit JSR 314 …..

    If there would be no JSF the devil ASP.net would engulf the world of Web development !!!

  2. I had a look at JSF2.0 and i like the annotation support. But what I feel is without using some JSF component library like PrimeFaces, RichFaces it is not a pleasure to work with JSF alone.

    If we want to have a component oriented framework for web application development we can go for GWT or Wicket. Otherwise we can choose a JavaScript library like Dojo, jQuery, ExtJS and can build rich web apps.

  3. siva,

    I feel your pain and am reminded of the countless times I had to pull my hair out and bang my head against the wall while working on a JSF project. Initially I was working with just JSF RI and MyFaces. But later started using ICEFaces to make myself productive and that helped a lot.


  4. This post is very old one is based on my experience with JSF 1.x. Since then many things got changed especially JSF 2.x is lot better than 1.x version.

    And PrimeFaces is a component library for JSF based apps and can be used to build rich UI without much work.

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