Book Review: PrimeFaces Blueprints

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PrimeFaces Blueprints is a recent publication from Packpub on PrimeFaces framework authored by Sudheer Jonna and Ramkumar Pillai. Sudheer Jonna is a well known member in the PrimeFaces community forum and is very knowledgeable on PrimeFaces and PrimeFaces Extensions.

PrimeFaces Blueprint book followed the approach of explaining the features with appropriate example applications. PrimeFaces provides more than 100 rich UI components with lot of customization options.
Instead of explaining all these components individually, the book authors explained how to use various PrimeFaces components together by developing 9 different small applications.
This book covers usage of components such as basic form field components and advanced components like DataTables, Data Exporting features, PrimeFaces Push etc with plenty of code snippets.
Also authors covered how to effectively use the Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs to get AutoCompletion for JSF/PrimeFaces and also touched upon using NetBeans PrimeFaces CRUD generator plugin.
I find this book very useful for beginners to intermediate level developers and even advanced PrimeFaces users can also learn few advanced things like how to customize PrimeFaces css styles, using Push technology etc.
I would recommend the PrimeFaces Blueprints book to anyone who wants to get started with PrimeFaces.

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