JCart : Iteration-1

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Now that we have completed the most difficult part (writing Introduction to technical article series is much harder than you think!!), so let’s start the fun part. Coding!!!

Note: It is going to be a fast paced tutorial. Obviously we can’t cover every little bit of all the technologies used in our application. So I would suggest to explore more on individual technologies like Spring, Thymeleaf on your own.

I would strongly suggest to checkout the code from https://github.com/sivaprasadreddy/jcart.git if you want to see the complete code as we are going to trim the code snippets for brevity.

We will start with Iteration-1 UseCases implementation, progressively building the JCart application.

As part of Iteration-1, we will be implementing the following UseCases:


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  1. Hi Siva,

    This is very nice tutorial. Thanks for writing this. Can you please help me with deploying the jcart project on tomcat server?

    1. Hi Harsh,
      It is a SpringBoot project using Embedded tomcat, so you don’t need to deploy the app on tomcat server. You can simply run the jar file using java -jar command.

      1. Hi Siva,

        Sorry for not being clear earlier. Yes I can run this using java -jar but is it possible to convert this into a war packages and deploy them on actual servers like tomcat or jboss?
        Again thanks for your help 🙂

  2. Hello Siva,

    i’m trying to rebuild JCart app to make sure that i understand the code for sure, but when i put the depencies in jcart-admin/pom.xml i find some errors that there is missing required grovy jar or zip, but the project is a maven what is this issue ?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi, I haven’t used groovy in the project at all. Seems there is some problem downloading some artifacts of general maven plugins. You can delete those specific artifacts from .m2 repository and retry to build.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks its help me for real.
        Can you please tell me how to rename the root project and the modules ?
        Whend i tried to do it (Refactor->rename ) and i tried to change the name of the modules at the pom.xml but it did not work so can you please help me.

        And thank you for this tutoriel it’s helping me for real.

  3. Hi when we create maven module what type of the module would it be? Suppose while creating jcart-core after selecting mvaen archttype there is option come maven-simple-site, maven-web-app bla bla in eclipse

  4. Hey Siva,
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful articles.

    As I have executed project in local setup and could you please help me with credentials required to login into admin module?

  5. Hello Siva,

    I have downloaded the code from the github and have setup the code in locally. Could you please let me know what credentials i should use to login to Jcart Admin module page?

    Many Thanks,

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