Core Java

This Core Java training aims at the beginners who want to learn Java programming starting from scratch.

Please reach me at [email protected] for further details.

Core Java Course Topics:

  1. Java Programming Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Java Programming
    • OOPS concepts
    • What are JDK, JVM, JRE?
  2. Java Basics
    • DataTypes, Operators, Statements
    • Classes, Interfaces, Objects
    • Abstract, Static, final etc
    • public, private, protected modifiers, Access specifiers
    • Inheritance
    • package, import
    • Enum, Annotations
  3. Control Structures
    • if-else, while, for, switch etc
  4. Exception Handling
    • try-catch-finally
    • checked-vs-unchecked exceptions
  5. Java Collections framework
    • List, Set, Map etc
    • Sorting, Filtering
    • Searching
  6. Java Generics
    • Parameterized Collections
  7. Java lang/util packages, File I/O
    • String, StringTokenizer, Date
    • Regular Expressions
    • File Reader/Writer, Input/Output Streams etc
  8. Multi Threading
    • Thread, Runnable
    • Synchronization
  9. Database Programming with JDBC
    • Connecting to MySQL Database
    • Performing Read, Write, Update, Delete operations
    • Transaction Management
  10. Introduction to Java 8 features
    • Lambdas
    • Streams
    • DateTime API
  11. Servlets
    • Introduction to Web application development and Servlets
    • Servlet Life Cycle
    • HttpServlet Request, Response, Session, ServletContext
    • Deployment descriptor web.xml
    • Servlet Listeners and Filters
  12. JSP
    • Introduction to MVC and JSP
    • JSP implicit Objects
    • Scriptlets
    • JSTL
    • Custom Tags

Please reach me at [email protected] for further details.


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