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Spring Training Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Spring Framework
    • Spring Framework Overview
    • Introducing Inversion Of Control (IOC)/Dependency Injection(DI)
    • Why do we need Spring framework?
    • Spring Vs JavaEE7
    • Spring Portfolio Projects (Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring Integration, Spring Batch etc)
  2. Getting Started with Spring
    • Crash course on Maven
    • Creating HelloWorld Spring application using Eclipse/Netbean & Maven
    • Testing HelloWorld Spring application using JUnit
  3. Dependency Injection using Spring
    • Configuring beans using XML
    • Using Setter, Constructor injection
    • Injecting Primitives, Enums, Collections, Properties
    • AutoWiring Dependencies
    • Bean Scopes
    • Life Cycle of Spring Bean
    • Configuring Beans using Annotations
    • Classpath Scanning for Spring Beans
    • Configuring Beans using JavaConfig
  4. Advanced Dependency Injection
    • Defining beans using multiple XMLs/JavaConfig Classes
    • Loading Properties using PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, PropertyOverrideConfigurer
    • Internationalization using MessageSource
    • Customizing beans using a BeanPostProcessor
    • Customizing configuration metadata with a BeanFactoryPostProcessor
    • Environment and Profiles
    • Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
    • Event Handling using Spring
  5. Introducing Spring AOP
    • What is AOP?
    • Practical usages of AOP
    • Introducing AOP terms: Pointcut, JoinPoint, Aspect, Advice, Weaving
    • Types of Advices
    • Configuring Spring Aspects using XML/Annotations
  6. Data Access using Spring JDBC
    • Data Access using JDBC
    • Pain points of using JDBC directly
    • Spring JDBC Template
    • Performing CRUD operations using JdbcTemplate
    • Batch operations
    • Embedded Database Support
    • Transaction Management
    • Programmatic Transaction Management
    • Declarative Transaction Management using XML and Annotation
    • Transaction propagation types
  7. Data Access using Spring ORM using JPA/Hibernate
    • Introducing ORMs and JPA/Hibernate
    • How Spring ORM simplifies working with ORMs
    • Configuring JPA/Hibernate beans using XML and Annotations
    • Performing CRUD operations
    • Transaction Management
    • Introducing Spring Data JPA
  8. Developing Web applications using SpringMVC
    • Introducing SpringMVC features
    • Configuring DispatcherServlet using web.xml and Java based configuration
    • Web Request Life Cycle
    • Creating Controllers using Annotations
    • RequestMapping and Parameter Binding
    • Customizing WebDataBinder initialization
    • Assisting Controllers with the @ControllerAdvice annotation
    • Multipart FileUploading
    • Intercepting requests with a HandlerInterceptor
    • Handling exceptions HandlerExceptionResolver, @ExceptionHandler
    • Creating JSP views using Spring Form Taglibs
  9. Building RESTful Web Services using SpringMVC
    • Introducing RESTful WebServices
    • SpringMVC support for building RESTful WebServices
    • Mapping the request body with the @RequestBody annotation
    • Mapping the response body with the @ResponseBody annotation
    • Creating REST Controllers with the @RestController annotation
    • Using HttpEntity
    • Consuming RESTful services using RestTemplate
  10. Spring Security
    • Introduction to Spring Security features
    • Configuring SpringSecurity using XML and JavaConfig
    • Custom Login form and Logout
    • Jdbc based Authentication Provider
    • Role based View rendering using Spring Security Taglib

Please reach me at [email protected] for further details.

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