Setting up the Development Environment for JCart

For our JCart application development we will be using the following Softwares/Tools.  JDK 8 SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)  MySQL Git  Maven  Jenkins  SonarQube  Apache/Nginx WebServer   I am not going to explain how to install JDK or MySQL because there are plenty of articles you can find on internet. If you are using Ubuntu based […]

JCart Release Planning

In our previous article JCart Requirements Analysis  we have listed out all the requirements that we need to implement for JCart application.  Now we need to come up with an implementation and release plan. As we are following iteration model, we will plan for N iterations where in each iteration we will implement some usecases. […]

Selecting The Technology Stack for JCart

Selecting the right technology stack is very crucial and plays an important role in project success. Many of the architects (unknowingly??!!) try to make complex designs by trying to use all kinds of latest and greatest stuff. On the other hand some architects try to be in their comfort zone by limiting their technology stack […]

JCart Requirements Analysis

For building our JCart e-commerce application we will develop two web applications, one for ShoppingCart and another one for Administration. Let us explore the requirements of both ShoppingCart and Administration websites in detail. ShoppingCart Site Requirements Home Page: This page shows list of categories and few products in each category. From this screen customers can click […]

Introducing the application JCart

As I promised in my article Developing a simple e-commerce application from scratch to production using SpringBoot, I am starting first post by introducing the application JCart that we are going to build. One of my friend makes quilling toys and she sell them by advertising on Facebook or through word of mouth. Now she is […]

My Development Environment Setup on Linux

As I mentioned in my previous post Thinking of moving from Windows to Linux? I am moving from Windows to Linux. Setting up my development environment is a bit tedious because I have to hunt down the applications and execute various commands to setup. So I thought of make a note of them in a […]

How to SSH into VirtualBox Linux OS?

While learning some of the Linux commands we may want to use SSH commands to login into a remote Linux system and we may not have a dedicated Linux system to play with. In this post I will explain how I am using my Linux OS installed on VirtualBox to SSH from Windows OS.    […]

Thinking of moving from Windows to Linux?

I have been using Windows operating system from the beginning. When I first started using computer Windows XP was the latest operating system and it was amazing. After few years I started my career as a Java developer and in my office also I have been using Windows only. After few years Windows Vista got […]

My Life as a Software Developer in India

I am Siva, working as a Software Developer in Hyderabad, India. Working as a Software Developer is very exciting as you see new things coming in everyday. If there are no new things at least we put a new fancy name to some old concept and celebrate (#microservices) :-). But in my opinion working as […]